woensdag 10 juli 2013

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I swear on Balenciaga. We all have our own designer, brand or style that
completely describes who we are.
Last year I finally discovered the accessory brand that fits
me the most: Balenciaga. And since then I'm checking their handbags monthly, sometimes weekly.
All the bright colors are making me crazy and I really love the leather they're working with.

For my 20th birthday last year, I got myself the big Giant City handbag with silver hardwork.
I used it so much that it's in need for a little sister. I always pytted a red or yellow one on the wishlist
but by seeing this Royal Blue PAPIER beauty, I got a crush. And the best of all, it was on Sale!
Double win and now I have a too early birthday-gift.

Do you swear on a certain brand?

dinsdag 9 juli 2013

The news that Isabel Marant and H&M will launch a collaboration in November took over
the fashion world within a couple of minutes.
And today they showed the first preview of
their collection.
A beautiful bohemian inspired dress, which can be worn casual, in an urban
way or for an evening out with high heels. It's an item which truly describes Isabel Marant her creatures, designs and personality that she puts into her looks. What do you think of the preview?

maandag 8 juli 2013

Sporty Chic. Well, say 'Hello' to my new Nike high dunk sneakers. It's actually the
fourth pair of high dunks that I've added to my Nike collection and also these ones are from Spartoo.nl. I worn my white ones so much that I thought 'why not the black ones?' and here they are.
Shining in my room...

Right now I'm totally into the Bensimon sneakers too. Right, when you have a webshop like
Spartoo.nl, with 700 brands of shoes ('schoenen'), it's normal that you can't only
have one favorite brand or pair of shoes ('schoenen'). More soon!
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(The new Icons hat by H&M. Sneakers and dress by Bensimon)
A lovely summer with Bensimon. It's so beautiful and great to have the sunny and warm days back. I couldn't see any raindrop anymore and the colder temperatures were making me crazy. It were days were wearing a sweater was too warm and shorts too cold. But no worries
for this weekend, 'cuz we only needed our prettiest sandals, shorts and tank-tops!

Yesterday I had a day off, but I was quite tired from working (first week of sales), so I spended my day on the blog, switching from the bed to the desk, and back. I was lazy as hell!
Today I enjoyed the sun to the fullest. With my new dress and sneakers from Bensimon, I was
totally ready to spend a day at the pool. I already announced this collaboration on Instagram and
these are the first pictures with the items. What do you think? Next to laying at the swimmingpool,
we also made milkshakes, we had two lovely barbeques and ofcourse, we got our little tanning.

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and I already which
 you a great start of the second week of July!
Lots of love, Cindy.

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Summer Time!  Summer is finally back so that means that I need to get a little tan. I didn't go on a vacation this year (normally I go to Tunisia twice a year) and it's harder to get my
dark-brown-chocolate 'layer'. Every summer I get some nice comments about my tan, so I thought
it would be nice to share the products I'm using to maintain it.

Fist of all. I'm sticking to this brand since 3years. 'Corine de Farme' will always be a part of my summer rituals. I use the oil and aftersun for two years now, and this year I discovered their other
two products; a monoï gel and a brown accelerator.

I'm always starting with the oil at the beginning of the summer. You have those with a protection and an oil without. For my face I use the protected one and for my body I'm using the one
with low protection. (Oh yes I know how bad that is! Lucky me that I have mum's blood. She's
Spanish and if I lay for 5minutes in the sun, I already got my tan. No excuse for not using a protection but I love that chocolate layer...
and after laying in the sun I always hydrate my skin with the aftersun.

The next few days I'll try their Monoï gel and accelerator;
 can't get enough of this great summer temperatrues!
What kind of products do you use during the summer?

I wish you all a lovely evening!
Lots of love, Cindy.